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Also known as the 'Barbados cherry', this large berry is one of nature's most potent ingredients for replenishing vitamin C. Taken as a food supplement, it also boosts the immune system. University studies have shown that the vitamin C content of Acerola is in fact 65 times higher than that of the orange, one of the richest fruits in this vitamin. If Acerola is then fermented with specific Lactobacilli, it is a real anti-ageing booster beneficial for the skin and the whole body. Comparative analyses between bio-fermented Acerola and one of the most valuable synthetic antioxidants have shown that the anti-ageing effectiveness of the former is more than double that of the synthetic element.


  • Counteracting skin ageing caused by free radicals, as well as that due to an age- or lifestyle-related loss of collagen.
  • Maintain skin hydration thanks to the presence of magnesium.
  • Booster action able to act right to the heart of the epidermal layers and provide an intense anti-inflammatory and antioxidant action.

Regular use of cosmetics containing bio-fermented Acerola provides the skin with the key elements to keep it young, toned, radiant and healthy and ensure an even and pleasant complexion.

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