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January is the month of restarting, of resuming good habits and of prescribing good intentions for the new year.

What better time to dedicate yourself to a deep exfoliation and prepare your skin to receive the treatments it needs?

The scrub is a fundamental step in all beauty routines, both for the face and for the body: it has the function of mechanically removing death cells from the skin surface and it promotes the cellular turnover for a soft and impurity-free skin. 

Arco Cosmetici has decided to celebrate the new year by discounting all the scrubs of the different lines at 40%: Verdeoasi Milano, Dr Kraut Milano and Arcocere offer a lot of scrubs with different textures, fragrances and functions, in order to meet the most diverse needs.

Let’s discover together all the scrubs by Arco Cosmetici: 

  1. VERDEOASI MILANO – THALASSO SCRUB ENERGY SMOOTHING: formulated with emollient oils and natural microgranules, it is dedicated to exfoliating the body and it gives an elastic, toned and compact skin.
  2. VERDEOASI MILANO – EXFOLIATING SCRUB POLISH: creamy texture enriched with charcoal microgranules that melt in contact with the skin, for a gentle exfoliation suitable for the skin of the face and a deep purification.
  3. DR KRAUT MILANO – SEA SALT SCRUB: a mix of essential oils and sea salts, for a nourishing, energizing and exfoliating formula, suitable for body treatments.
  4. DR KRAUT MILANO – EXFOLIATING SCRUB GENTLE: a single face product that combines the exfoliating action of a delicate scrub and that of a purifying clay mask, all enriched with calendula and chamomile extracts with a soothing and calming action.
  5. DR KRAUT MILANO – SOFT GELSCRUB: the gentleness of the natural microgranules and blue peeloba used is combined with a gel formula ideal for a light exfoliation of the sensitive skin of the face.
  6. DR KRAUT MILANO – STRONG GELSCRUB: product with an intense exfoliating function, that combines a mechanical exfoliation given by natural microgranules with a chemical peeling given by the presence of glycolic acid. Due to its intensity, it is a scrub indicated exclusively for body treatments.
  7. ARCOCERE – INGROWN HAIR SCRUB: Vulcanyl microspheres and vegetable cellulose microgranules give an intense exfoliation, particularly suitable for freeing any ingrown hairs and facilitating their removal.

The choice is yours! Find the scrub that best suits your needs and take advantage of the discounts on our shop online valid until February 28, 2023!