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Among the different functions of our skin, it also works as a protective barrier between our body and the external environment. This is possible thanks to our skin pH. 

Always more frequently we talk about pH, but have we ever wondered what it is or how it really works?

The skin pH is nothing but the natural acidity of the skin, which, in order to perform its protective function, must always be kept constant and balanced at its optimal value between 4.7 and 5.75. This means that at normal conditions our skin has a slightly acidic pH and this acidity allows the skin to retain its physico-chemical properties and perform its protective function:

  • Reducing the proliferation of bacteria, the main cause of the occurrence of blackheads and impurities
  • Promoting the development of natural skin flora

When is the protection function compromised?

The protective function is threatened when the pH is altered by particularly aggressive external factors or by internal biological and subjective factors.

External factors: 

  • Environment pollution
  • Seasonal change
  • Chemicals
  • Aggressive cosmetics
  • Sun exposure

Internal factors: 

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes

How to restore the right pH of the skin?

First of all, we have to think about prevention: we’ve already seen that among the causes of the skin's acidity changes there is also the use of aggressive cosmetics, therefore it’s recommended to include in our skincare routine products that respect the hydrolipidic balance of the skin. In addition, we can count on specific products formulated with functional ingredients that acidify the skin pH, for example the lactic acid.

What are the properties of lactic acid?

Lactic acid belongs to the alpha-hydroxy acids family and it’s used in cosmetic products to control the hydrolipidic balance and the skin pH. It performs a disinfecting, exfoliating and renewing action, it reduces dark spots and promotes the cell turnover. 

All these benefits are contained in the Acid Cream by dr Kraut Milano: its stabilized pH of 3.5 is the best way to restore the skin acidity. Acid Cream is extremely adaptable and can be used in different ways: 

  • Face cream to use when needed, especially after scrub, sun exposure or aggressive treatments that alter the natural skin pH.
  • Face mask and intensive treatment to deal with rashes and skin inflammations.
  • Body cream to restore the skin acidity after shaving, waxing or tanning.