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If life is made up of emotions, wrinkles represent the visible part of them. Of course each of us is his own story, but not necessarily his own wrinkles. There is a very recent and super-valid system for smoothing out the deepest wrinkles which do not seem to respond to any cosmetic treatment: Hyaluronic Acid Spheres that can actually fill in the deepest and most visible wrinkles. Whether it is the furrows on the forehead (the worry lines) or those between the eyebrows (the thinkers' wrinkles) or those on the sides of the mouth (typical of those who smile and have smiled a lot) or, in general, wrinkles caused by exposure to sunlight, using cosmetics containing Hyaluronic Acid Spheres can win the battle against wrinkles and the signs of time left on the face without having to resort to invasive or overly demanding treatments. Hyaluronic acid spheres take the form of waterless spheres which, once they come into contact with the skin, are moisturised by increasing their volume by as much as 30 times. In this way they physically fill in the furrows represented by wrinkles, stretching the skin surface for a result visible as early as one hour after application to reach maximum volume after 5 hours.


  • Physical filling of the most pronounced wrinkles and expression lines.
  • Specific anti-ageing action for eye contour wrinkles.
  • Anti-ageing action on the entire face and redefinition of facial contours.

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