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What is the Skin Brushing?

The Skin Brushing or Dry Brushing is a natural and effective exfoliation technique designed to obtain a smooth and healthy skin. Verdeoasi recognizes the importance of dry brushing for both exfoliation as well as maintenance of a youthful skin and for this reason it has been part of the treatment proposal for quite some time.

Do you want a healthy, tone and bright skin?

If you do, it is important to make an exfoliation that removes dead cells laid on the skin surface. RESULTS? Dull and rough skin appears soft and bright.

Dry brushing offers a variety of benefits besides leaving the skin pleasantly smooth and beautiful. It is renowned that the skin is one the five organs  together with kidneys, colon, liver and lungs that has the important detoxification role of body waste. The brushing method stimulates blood circulation, promoting the elimination of toxins and purifying the lymphatic system.

Frenetic modern life and lack of time for self-care are some of the causes of body and mental stress. For this reason, it is very important to find the time for beauty detox treatments by professional, which begins with VERDEOASI face and body brushes. Taking this step contributes to the wellness of the body, since the movements done during the brushing relax the nervous system and donate a calm and enjoyable sensation to the customer.



Make sure that the area to treat is cleansed, perfectly dry and non-irritated.

Start from the feet plants going up to thighs and hops making circular movements.

Brush from hand to elbow, with a special attention on rough areas.

Continue on belly and chest towards the heart.

From the ankles to the calves, brush proceeding up, proceeding on lumbar region and upper part of the back.

Brush for not more than 6 minutes.

After brushing, apply the cosmetic product more indicated to the treatment or blemish.


Improves the elimination of toxins.

Increases cellular turnover.

Increase blood flow and lymph drainage.

Improves skin tone and compactness.

Reduces cellulite and water retention

Cutaneous blemishes.


Dry brushing is an effective method to eliminate superficial dead cells and to promote the cellular turnover, which prevents the appearance of blackheads, wrinkles and cutaneous imperfection. Both professional beautician as well as final customers can perform the treatment with Verdeoasi Face Brushes that are characterized by soft bristles, for a delicate yet decisive action on the skin.


Cleanse and perfectly dry the face. For an effective brushing, it is very important that the area to treat is completely dry.

Gently brush making upward circular movements from neck going up to chin and forehead.

Make circular movements in a counter clockwise direction on cheeks and nose.

After face brushing, apply the cosmetic product most suitable to the skin type.

Avoid eye, sensitive and redden areas.

Brushing for the first time should last around 30 seconds. Then, for future applications, time can be increased.


Improves the elimination of toxins.

Increases cellular turnover.

Prevents premature skin aging.

Improves blood circulation.

Tones and smoothens the skin.