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They are commonly known as callus and corns, but technically they are both called hyperkeratosis: thickening of the stratum corneum (most superficial skin layer) that usually develop at the level of the feet.

These lesions act as a protection mechanism, generated to defend the living cells of the epidermis from chafing, pressure or repeated friction. Faced with these continuous and repeated external threats, the keratinization processes of the skin increase, to form a layer of hardened skin that gives rise to callus and/or corns.

What are the main causes?

Walking barefoot, wearing high heels, wearing shoes without socks, using unsuitable, narrow or uncomfortable footwear are the behaviors that most frequently cause hyperkeratosis. In turn, the appearance of calluses and corns can generate discomfort, suffering of the feet and difficulty walking.

What is the difference?

Callus and corns are mainly distinguished by the size, their appearance and pain/discomfort caused:

  • CORNS: they look like a thickened and rough skin mass. The center of the lesion is generally raised and may be surrounded by inflamed skin. Corns are usually yellowish, their surface is rigid, dry and covers a larger area of the skin, without penetrating deeply. They cause a widespread burning feeling and pressure can generate pain.
  • CALLUS: like the corns, also the calluses look like thickenings of the cutaneous surface, with a rounded shape and a waxy and translucent aspect. Generally, the calluses are rough and can be distinguished in hard calluses and soft calluses. Unlike corns, calluses cover a small portion of the skin, they are smaller, surrounded by reddened skin and tend to be painless.

What are the best remedies?

The most indicated remedies to treat and promote the disappearance of corns and/or calluses are the elimination of the cause that provoked the injury and manual abrasion associated with the use of keratolytic products based on GLYCOLIC ACID.

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