Corrective Anti-wrinkle Cream night - 250 ml

A formula studied specifically to satisfy the needs of mature skin during the hours of sleep. Thanks to Vitamins A and E, this cream plays an important anti-free radicals and anti-oxidant role. The inclusion of Filaggrin reawakens the cellular vitality, thereby slowing down the natural aging processes, while the Active Hyaluronic Acid Molecule, in synergy with Native Marine Collagen, increases hydration at a dermal level. The product improves the elasticity of the cutaneous tissue and the skin is regenerated, resulting softer and smoother. Over a brief time, an improvement is visible on micro-wrinkles, while in the long-term even more evident wrinkles are lessened. The skin is reborn with a more youthful and luminous appearance. N.B. petrolate-free formula. Dermatologically tested. Active ingredients: Active Hyaluronic Acid Molecule, Calendula Extract, Centella Extract, Native Marine Collagen, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin E Acetate, Filaggrin.

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250 ml
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