Anti-Stress night Cream

Specially formulated for highly stressed and delicate skin, it combines the effectiveness of an exclusive blend of revitalizing active ingredients with the delicacy of vegetable substances like BIO Macadamia Oil. Known for its nutritive and emollient properties, BIO Macadamia Oil also demonstrates a high cutaneous affinity and excellent absorption. Furthermore, the Active Rhatany Extract allows this specific product to optimise night-time sleep, the most profitable for cellular renewal, in order to carry out its revitalization and anti-oxidant actions to the highest level. This particular active ingredient, with its extremely soothing and calming properties, combats redness and cutaneous irritations caused by external agents and carries out an important anti-free radical action, which is particularly powerful thanks to the presence of Vitamin E Acetate. As if by magic, the face glows with smooth and healthy skin. 

Active ingredients: BIO Macadamia Oil, Vitamin E Acetate, Active Rhatany Extract.

Product Code:
50 ml
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