Protective Face Cream day

The onset of summer requires the use of a daytime cream that is not the same one used the rest of the year.  For this period and for others (vacations in the tropics or in the mountains), it is useful to stock up on a product that has a suitable UVA and UVB protection factor and that can guarantee skin will remain soft all day long. Our Day Face Cream total protection, formulated with precious natural elements and physical protection filters, guarantees an invisible and dry film and is particularly indicated for persons subject to dark spots, fragile skin, or aged skin, or those who live in hot and humid climates. Its protection system helps to maintain the balance and beauty of the skin, preventing immediate and long-term damage caused by solar rays. Its consistency is very fluid, making it easy to apply. It never leaves the skin oily and has a very delicate and pleasant fragrance. 

Active ingredients: Titanium Dioxide.

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100 ml
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