Purifying Hydro Cream

Refreshing and delicate, this cream absorbs rapidly, leaving a pleasantly soft sensation. Thanks to the ingredients, like precious Vitamin H, known for its capacity to renormalize the sebaceous glands, this cream allows skin to rediscover its natural equilibrium. Furthermore, Azelaic Acid, an important antiseptic with known anti-bacterial action, impedes the modification of oil, the leading cause of the onset of acne, and frees pores from excess sebum. The Sage extract has astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, thereby carrying out a soothing and anti-reddening action, favouring the healing of potential cutaneous eruptions. Moreover, thanks to the presence of a Sun Screen, the skin remains protected, fresh, and hydrated all day long. The use of non-comedogenic oils in the formula effectively contrasts the formation of blackheads and comedones. 

Active ingredients: Vitamin H, Natural Derivative of Azelaic Acid, Sun Screen, Extracts of Calendula-Mallow-Sage and Elder, Rice Oil, Vitamin E Acetate.

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50 ml
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