Active Anti-wrinkle* day Cream

With its specific formula, this specific product is a reparative and strongly regenerative treatment capable of lessening wrinkles and providing a powerful anti-aging effect. Thanks to the presence of BIO Macadamia Oil, this cream smoothes, nourishes and restores the surface, making the skin silky soft.  The presence of Vitamin E Acetate revitalizes the skin, contrasting the formation of the signs of aging. The use of Vegetable Stem Cells (obtained from cultures of a particular type of apple) guarantees a positive influence of the prolific cellular activity, protection of tissues from damage caused by UV radiation, and the regulation of some genes that repair the damaged DNA and protect them from oxidative stress from free radicals. The reduction of wrinkles (crows’ feet) is visible and significant. This cream is an innovative cosmetic to preserve the vital appearance of the skin. This cream absorbs rapidly, leaving a sensation of immediate softness and extreme comfort. It also provides protection from UV rays.

Active ingredients: BIO Macadamia Oil, Vegetable Stem Cells (Malus Domestica Phytocelltec),Vitamin E Acetate, Sun Screen.

Product Code:
50 ml
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