Whitening Day Cream Hydrating

It reduces dark spots and cutaneous discoloration by uniforming the colour and hydrating the skin. The formula contains lightening agents that act on existing dark spots and inhibit melanin synthesis, avoiding the formation of new ones. Day after day, the intensity of the spots visibly decreases and the skin is hydrated, even and radiant. 

How to use: apply in the morning on perfectly cleansed face and neck. Avoid eye area.

Functional ingredients: Kojic Acid Dipalmitate - depigmenting, Sunscreen - protection against UVA and UVB rays, Hyaluronic Acid - hydrating, Shea Butter - nourishing, Jojoba Oil - revitalizing, Marine Collagen - elasticizing, Vitamin E acetate - antioxidant, Marine Elastin - hydrating, Pearlscent Complex - glowing.

Dermatologically tested. 

Product Code:
50 ml
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