Biomarine Therapy - 250 ml

This specific BIO product, the only one of its kind, has a high performance due to the multiple properties of its ingredients. Used as a scrub and left to act for just a few minutes, thanks to the quick release of the active ingredients, it carries out a dermo-purifying, detoxicating, revitalizing, and anti-stress action to restore cutaneous and tissue function. If left longer, it transforms into a mask with distinct regenerative properties that leave skin firmer and more compact, thereby having a noticeable anti-age effect as well. Thanks to its extreme delicacy and the presence of the BIO component of Shea Butter, it is the only mud that can be applied even on fragile zones like eye and lips contours. Furthermore, this magic product is capable of eliminating swelling due to sleep loss and stress in a few seconds. The extraordinary effectiveness of BIOMARINE THERAPY can be noticed from the first application.

Active ingredients: BIO Shea Butter, Fucus Algae, Green Clay, Aescin, Aloe Vera Gel, Zinc Oxide, Hawaiian Algae, Calendula-Chamomile and Mallow Extracts.

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250 ml
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