Cellulite* Cream Thermo

Accurately studied as a cosmetic adjuvant in the treatment of cellulite skin blemishes, water retention and orange peel skin. It helps to improve superficial microcirculation and skin compactness by counteracting dryness. The constant use, in combination with the massage, improves skin condition, giving it softness and firmness.

Modo d’uso: apply daily on buttocks, thighs and hips with circular movements until absorbed. The heat felt is subjective depending on skin type and external temperature.  Before use, carefully read the leaflet package. 

Functional ingredients: Vegetal Stem Cells

- regenerating and anticellulite, Ethylnicotinate - heating effect, Caffeine - toning, Hyaluronic Acid active precursor - hydrating, Iodine - anticellulite, Ginkgo Biloba - beneficial for microcirculation, Algae - mineralizing, Sweet Almond Oil - elasticizing, Arnica - toning, Marine Collagen - elasticizing.

Dermatologically tested.

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200 ml
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