Remodelling Kit Buttocks


Restructuring based on 10% Glycolic Acid, the alpha hydroxy acid most commonly used for skin beauty treatments both professionally and at home, facilitates the exfoliation of the surface layers of skin chemically, stimulating the cutaneous exchange, reinforcing the dermis, and increasing the production of collagen. Regular and constant use over time makes skin firmer, toned, and smooth. It is recommended to support firming-toning treatments and for intensifying the action of Remodelling 2 Concentrate.

Active ingredients: Glycolic Acid 10%

STEP 2 REMODELLING 2  - 200  ml

Thanks to a revolutionary synergy of active ingredients studied specifically to act on skin tissues on the buttocks and inner arm, this specific product targets its action on zones that manifest a particular tendency to sagging. Borage Oil, an active ingredient with an extreme regenerating and nutritional effect, together with the Active Hyaluronic Acid Molecule, will bring about significant slow-down of the natural aging processes.  Furthermore, Fibronectin Peptides reinforce these active ingredients by acting on the support fibres, thereby improving elasticity, while the Hops Extract revitalizes and firms sagging skin. This exclusive blend of active ingredients acts deeply to progressively improve compactness and firmness in zones lacking tone. The inclusion of precious Avocado and Jojoba Oils guarantees soft and silky tissues all day long. N.B. formulated with petroleum jelly. Active ingredients: Sea Salts, Hops Extract, Fibronectin Peptides, Active Hyaluronic Acid Molecule, Oils of Borage, Avocado, Jojoba, Purified Vegetable Oils.

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