Body Firming Complex

A concentrated formula studied specifically to restore tone and firmness to the body and breasts. Its formula features an exclusive skin firming synergy between Fibronectin Peptides, Active Hyaluronic Acid Molecule, St. John’s Wort-Hops Extracts, and Micronutrients of Copper-Zinc-Manganese-Magnesium, which restructure the collagen and elastin fibres, increasing the tone and firmness of tissues. We also find and trio of essential oils (cinnamon, zedoary, and ginger), with effective draining action, setting off a vasal gymnastics action that allows the elimination of wastes from the tissues. The D-Panthenol and Mint Water in the formula intensify the refreshing and toning effects. The concentrate boasts an anti-free radical activity, thereby assuring a powerful anti-aging effect.

Active ingredients: Active Hyaluronic Acid Molecule, Fibronectin Peptides, Mint Water, Calibrated Blend of Essential Oils of: Cinnamon, Zedoary and Ginger. Micronutrients of Copper-Zinc-Manganese-Magnesium, Sorbitol, Extracts of Hops, D-Panthenol, Essential Oil of Cloves.

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6 x 15 ml
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