Bioaroma Body n.10

Bioaroma n°10 is an antistress, anti-oxidant and detoxifying concentrate. It has a draining effect, donating a feeling of lightness especially on lower limbs. 

Active principles and properties

BIO Macadamia Oil: regulator of the lymphatic circulation

Rice Oil: antioxidant

Jasmine Essential Oil: moisturizing

Niaouli Essential Oil: antiseptic and balsamic

BIO Thyme Essential Oil: toning

Coriander Essential Oil: analgesic

Rosemary Essential Oil: dermo-purifying

Mint Essential Oil: stimulating and balsamic

Geranium Essential Oil: toning and antidepressant

Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil: soothing and relaxing

Alpha Bisabololo: soothing

To really enjoy Bioaroma benefits apply on the hand few drops. Rub the hands and inhale the perfume. Proceed with a delicate massage. 


Product Code:
30 ml
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