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Stone therapy is a treatment with relaxing, decontracting and draining action, particularly suitable for stiffness, muscle pain and circulation problems. It is based on the use of hot lava stones alternating with cold marble ones and its psychophysical benefits are combined with a unique sensory experience.

What if the same benefits could be obtained using professional aesthetic accessories instead of stones?

Arco Cosmetici has created Le Sfere Wellness line, consisting of four types of spheres made of borosilicate glass. The spheres can enhance every beauty treatment and complete any type of massage, both for the face and for the body.

The use of hot spheres, Gold Stone, is ideal for face and body treatments and, besides facilitating the absorption of the applied cosmetics, it promotes the relaxation of muscle tension and the opening of the pores on the skin surface. Before using the hot spheres, it is necessary to immerse them for 10 minutes in hot water, previously heated and brought to a temperature of 45°C. Once warm, they can be used as massage tools, making delicate circular movements and facilitating their sliding with essential oils or specific lotions.

The cold spheres, such as Silver Stone and Boule Freezer, can be used both alone and in synergy with the hot ones, to obtain a revitalizing and toning effect, particularly suitable against swelling and microcirculatory problems. After having cooled the spheres by placing them in the freezer or in cold water, it will be possible to use them in the same way as the hot version.

Gold and Silver Stone differ from the Boule Freezer version in the shape of the instrument:

  • Both the STONE have a flattening of the glass sphere, which allows them to be left resting on specific points of the body, especially along the spine.
  • The BOULE FREEZER version, has a circular sphere, ideal for face massages and for smaller areas such as the eye contour.

In both cases, an aesthetic treatment carried out with the help of Le Sfere Wellness by Arco Cosmetici can give you a feeling of calm for the body and mind, relaxation of the muscles and stimulation of lymphatic drainage... a complete wellness experience!