Small Boule Freezer

Boule Freezer is a hand-blown sphere of borosilicate glass that contain a cool non-toxic liquid that does not freeze thanks to its particular composition, but is able to maintain a plesant cold temperature for 15 minutes. 


- It tones eye contour, face oval, neck, breast and other parts of the body

- It has and anti-age and remodeling action combined with specific cosmetics

- It improve the absorption of the active contained in the cosmetics

- It calms reddening of delicate and stress skin

- Is useful after sun exposition

- It stimulates the contracted muscle relaxation

- It has an astringent action on the dilated pores

- It eliminates swallows and edemas due to tired ankles and feet

- It fixes the make-up for hours

- It relaxes and favors mental and physical harmony in combi-nation with Thermoboule.

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altezza 10, 5 cm
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