Only Hydro - Single roll on heater - ONLY FOR WATER SOLUBLE WAX

High quality electric wax heater designed exclusively for water-soluble waxes.High quality electric wax heater designed exclusively for the correct heating of water-soluble waxes (formulated with water and sugar). Their melting temperature is about 45 °, lower than the normal fat-soluble waxes, whose melting temperature is about 85 °. 

Brand : Arcocere

Reference : DE551

Epilation Accessories : Wax Heaters


Before proceeding with the application of the water-soluble wax, it is advisable to check that it has reached a honey-like consistency.

Technical features: 110/220V power supply • double insulation in class II • heating time approx. 25/30 min depending on the type of wax used and the season • transparent window for control of wax amount • simplicity in the cartridge replacement • made in Italy .                   

How to use: 

Remove the protective guarantee from the refill and place it inside the heater • Insert the plug into the socket and wait 30 minutes until the wax has melted • remove the plug from the socket • slide the roller on a strip of fabric , so that its surface is evenly covered with wax and its flow is perfect • proceed with epilation.

Attention: do not use the appliance with the plug inserted in the socket.


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