Company presentation


We started as a small local reality in 1980 specialized in the production of professional epilatory products and skincare cosmetics. Over the years, our company has established itself in the beauty world increasing its technical-scientific expertise and developing effective and innovative formulas. From a small family business, Arco Cosmetici thanks to its dedication, sacrifice and love for beauty has become an international company. Our products are appreciated and distributed all around the world. Made in Italy is the philosophy that drives all the process in the creation our products and, with passion, skills and research, the basis of our success.


We work in two main fields: hair removal products and beauty care cosmetics. All the items are conceived, designed, manufactured and commercialized by our company. The supply chain is placed in the same structure, which allows a step-to-step constant control of all the manufacturing process to ensure excellent products.


Safety, efficiency and results are the foremost aims that inspire every worker at ARCO COSMETICI. Every beauty product is created and formulated using European raw materials certified by competent laboratories and institutions. We always require the best ingredients from our suppliers – not tested on animals – each formulation face strict quality controls to offer safe and efficient products. Customer satisfaction is the core point to understand the quality and the performance of the beauty products on the market.


We want everyone to feel self-confident and beautiful. For this reason, we take care of each ones beauty in every stage of their life creating cosmetics that make them feel at ease and flawless in front of a mirror, changing everyone perspective.


We have been studying skin for more than 35 years – a variety of skin types and beauty routines that are an inspiration for searching the best solution for every cutaneous concern and habit. The starting point is always the thorough understanding of market needs and evolution in time, to provide the most innovative and skin respectful cosmetic solution.