Hair Removal Kit

WAX-HEATER “ARCOCERE” 1 Led. Power supply: 110/220V; Double insulation in class II; Heating time: around 18/25 minutes; Easy change of roll-on cartridge; WARNING: do not use the wax-heater when its plug is inserted in the socket. 

BODY ROLL-ON CARTRIDGE ARGAN liposoluble wax 100 ml. It is constituted by a wax definitely innovative, with a teal colour and a creamy texture, it contains MAGNESIUM PHYLLOSILICATE, MICA, TITANIUM DIOXIDE and ARGAN OIL, particularly suitable for the hair removal of all types of skin. 

PRE-CUT Strips 24 pcs. Sealed pre-cut strips specially designed and shaped for the body. For facial use, just cut them again to fit the desired surface shape. 

ARGAN AFTERWAX OIL 50 ml. Afterwax oil, excellent to eliminate liposoluble wax residues. It contains oils of natural origin, of which the argan oil. It leaves the skin extremely soft, nourished and perfectly cleaned. It’s lenitive and reduces any possible redness.


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