Hair Removal Kit

WAX-HEATER “ARCOCERE” 1 Led. Power supply: 110/220V; Double insulation in class II; Heating time: around 18/25 minutes; Easy change of roll-on cartridge; WARNING: do not use the wax-heater when its plug is inserted in the socket. 

BODY ROLL-ON CARTRIDGE ARGAN liposoluble wax 100 ml. It is constituted by a wax definitely innovative, with a teal colour and a creamy texture, it contains MAGNESIUM PHYLLOSILICATE, MICA, TITANIUM DIOXIDE and ARGAN OIL, particularly suitable for the hair removal of all types of skin. 

PRE-CUT Strips 24 pcs. Sealed pre-cut strips specially designed and shaped for the body. For facial use, just cut them again to fit the desired surface shape. 

SINGLE-USE WIPES 2 pcs. Wipes soaked with after-wax oil to easily remove the last wax residues from the skin leaving it soft and perfectly cleansed.  


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