Lightweight Legs Gel

An absolutely innovative product specifically studied for those who suffer swelling, oedema in the lower limbs, and localized circulatory disturbances. Aescin, a fabulous active ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oedema, and vasoprotective properties, united with Mint Essential Oil and Menthol, with an immediately icy effect, caused by a rapid lowering of the temperature, stimulating an increase in the local blood flow so as to restore the surface temperature to optimal levels. This process promotes the elimination of toxins to help reduce cellulite deposits and give a wonderful sensation of freshness and an incredible sense of relief. Swelling is reduced and skin colour regains a more natural appearance. The presence of Aloe Vera assures protection and moisturizing of reddened and dehydrated skin of the lower limbs with circulatory problems. N.B. petrolate-free formula. Active ingredients: Mint Essential Oil, Menthol, Sea Salts, Aloe Vera, Aescin.

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200 ml


€ 32,00

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The product is available for sale exclusively in private households in the European Union