Slimming Concentrate Tummy and Hips

This highly effective concentrate acts intensively to target tummy and hips. The calibrated of Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Zedoary and Ginger is capable of promoting vasoconstriction and vasodilatation to stimulate lymphatic drainage, together with the draining and lipolytic properties of Caffeine, results in detoxification and reoxygenation of the tissues, thereby favouring the reduction and elimination of fat deposits. Moreover, Organic Iodine, a stable molecule that results in the consumption of excess fats, makes this product safe and suitable for all subjects. Thanks to the presence of Mint Essential Oil, known for its refreshing and stimulating properties, this specific product is extremely effective and targeted, bringing real remodelling and toning benefits to the zones treated. N.B. formulated with no petroleum jelly or parabens. Active ingredients: Calibrated Blend of Essential Oils of Cinnamon, Zedoary, and Ginger, Caffeine, Organic Iodine, Essential Oil of Mint, Oils of Jojoba, Borage, Avocado, Purified Vegetable Oils.

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200 ml


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The product is available for sale exclusively in private households in the European Union