Active Anti-cellulite Gel

Thanks to the use of ultra-penetrating active ingredients and a lightweight texture that absorbs immediately, this product is an effective and practical solution for treating skin imperfections caused by cellulite. Caffeine, known for its draining and lipolytic properties, helps to detoxicate and reoxygenate the tissues, favouring the reduction and mobilization of fat deposits, while the Hot Red Pepper, with its spicy action, intensifies the activation of the microcirculation of the skin and the absorption of the active ingredients, thereby reinforcing the effectiveness of the product. Constant use of this specific product will result in a notable reduction in the cellulite nodules and skin that is more toned and firm. N.B. formulated with no petroleum jelly or parabens. Active ingredients: Caffeine, Organic Lodine,  Hot Red Pepper, Tocoferil Nicotinate, Hamamelis Water, Essantial Oils of Cinnamon and Cloves. 

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200 ml


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The product is available for sale exclusively in private households in the European Union