Intensive Anti-cellulite Cream

Studied specifically to fight the skin imperfections caused by cellulite, this cream is surprising for its particularly innovative formula containing the concentrated extract of Vegetable Stem Cells from Echinacea, highly rich in caffeoylquinic acid, substances that help control the retention of liquids by stimulating the fat deposits that inhibit collagenases, enzymes that bring about the deterioration of collagen fibres. The secret lies in the dual-action of this product: 1- The Vegetable Stem Cells from Echinacea + Caffeine, in synergy with the Essential Oil of Lemon, reinforce the lipolitic effectiveness and favour a rapid slimming action in the zones treated; 2- The Extracts of Arnica and Ivy reduce the retention of liquids by improving the drainage of fibres and toxins.This synergy stimulates local microcirculation in the skin, preventing the formation of cellulite deposits, allowing skin to regain its natural compactness and vitality with a visibly more moisturized and toned appearance. The product is highly sensual, soft and liquid, perfect for massages. Daily use will allow the excellent modelling results to be reached in the critical points and tone the tissues. From the first application, skin becomes visibly smoother and more toned. N.B. petrolate-free formula. Active ingredients: Vegetable Stem Cells from Echinacea, Caffeine, Extracts of Arnica and Ivy, Vegetable Glycerine, Essential Oils of Lemon, Magnesium Sulphate, Complex of Edible Vegetable Oils.

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