Ultra Nourishing and Restitutive Cream

This innovative and unique cream ensures smoothness and elasticity to dry, sensitive and fragile skin. Its formula makes use of hyaluronic acid, sea Elastin, and native sea Collagen, promoters of moisturising and elasticity to guarantee a continuous moisturising and compactness to the skin. Vitamin A, together with Jojoba Oil, super nourishing and elasticizing, acts to target facial tissue, increasing vitality and preventing skin ageing. It also contains Karitè butter which nourishes and elasticizes skin. The constant use of this product gives to the skin the classical wellness of good-looking skin. Its scent is particularly pleasant and fresh. It is particularly indicated as a revival pack in professional treatments. Directions of use: apply a generous quantity of product and proceed to the chosen treatment. Active principles: Hyaluronic Acid, Sea Collagen, Sea Elastin, Jojoba Oil, Karitè Butter, Vitamin A, Plant Glycerine.

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500 ml


€ 32,00

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The product is available for sale exclusively in private households in the European Union