Mandelic Acid Peeling

The mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid which is contained by nature in bitter almonds and has the feature of owing a high molecolar weight for which is not irritating on the skin. This characteristic allows the effective carry out of the keratolytic action without being irritating to the skin like other alpha hydroxy acids (e.g. glycolic acid). The skin peeling is progressive, finely furfureus, easily hidden by the moisturizing of the skin with appropriate creams, which persist for several days without beign annoying nor evident. The principle is particularly active in mending and reactivating the aged skin, since it contains inherent depigmenting and antibiotic properties, making it a product of choice in treating inflammatory acne. Thanks to its chemical/physical features, the treatments based on mandelic acid are called “summer peeling” because, unlike those containing other AHA, mandelic acid is not photosensitizing. These types of treatments can be therefore used throughout the year because there is no risk of hyperpigmentation. It has no particular contraindications for those who use UVA lamps. Directions for use: apply a thin layer of product on the interested area. Let it work for about 7/10 minutes, then rinse with tepid water. Apply abundantly the Intensive Moisturizing Cream. Active principles: Mandelic Acid, Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera Gel.

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