Purifying Cleansing Gel

Delicate and fresh purifying cleansing gel, for a perfect cleaning of oily, mixed and acneic skins, with dilatated and obstructed pores. The precious content of the Tea Tree essential oil, with an antiseptic and bactericide action purifies the skin from impurities and regenerates it without attacking it nor causing an excessive dryness. The insertion of Plant Glycerine mantains the skin moisturized and protected. We recommend the use, besides that on the face, also for the body and the breast, before starting any treatment or application, since it cleanses and purifies the skin. Directions for use: apply in a suitable quantity on the area to cleanse and carefully massage. Rinse abundantly and tone. Active principles: O.E. Tea Tree Oil, Plant Glycerine.

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500 ml


€ 22,00

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The product is available for sale exclusively in private households in the European Union