Cellulite Thermo Cream

This soft and ultrapenetrating cream has been studied for specific treatments to fight compact cellulite and localized adiposity. The stimulating power of Ethylnicotinate is matched to the intense resolving action of Arnica and Ivy extract and Lemon essential Oil, that act on water stagnation and fat accumulations. The presence in the formulation of Escin, Plant Glycerine, and Shea Butter gives smoothness and protection to the skin. The slight warming action or “tingling” feeling are subjectives to the skin type and external temperature. Directions for use: apply on the areas to treat and massage. Wash the hands immediately after the application. Never use on sensitive or irritated skin. Carry out the treatment far from meals. Active principles: Shea Butter, Soy Oil, Plant Glycerine, Horse Chestnut Hydroglycolic Extract, Ivy Extract, Escin, Ethylnicotinate.

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500 ml


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