Essential Oils Firming Synergy

Mix of extremely pure essential oils combined with Sweet Almonds Oil, conceived for the intensive treatment of firming and toning of cutaneous tissues. This marvellous product, for its active contents, is able to stimulate the cutaneous renewal, it carries out the tissues revitalization, an improvement of the trophysm and cutaneous compactness. Eudermic product with eutrophic action typhical of vegetal and natural product. It is particularly indicated to treat the areas of the body that tend the most to show atony and turgor loss, it allows to progressively rivitalize the tissues and to obtain, in the meanwhile, a smooth, soft and elastic epidermis. Directions for use: apply few drops on the areas to treat and massage until complete absorption using toning movements. To prolong the massage, use specific oils that allow the sliding of the hands. Active principles: Sweet Almonds Oil, Geranium Essential Oil, Cloves and Mint Essential Oils.

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