Arco Cosmetici, founded in 1980, is an industry which has, above all, privileged productive development which for 30 years has imposed itself on national and international markets, distinguishing itself for "creativity" in offering professional natural cosmetics for the "BEAUTY and SPA" sectors.

The use of active "cosmeceuticals" and materials taken from the plant world, means that precious and exclusive formulae can be obtained, fruit of the most advanced research, capable of guaranteeing products of the highest quality and proven effectiveness.

Exactly for their sophistication, together with functionality, Arco Cosmetici products, in particulr the VERDEOASI range, are sought after by the most demanding and cultured beauty professionals who are sensitive to the value of natural and ecological ingredients.
From 2003 Arco Cosmetici, strong in their experience on professional products, has undertaken the study of products specifically for the MASS DISTRIBUTION SECTOR. This is how the new "do it yourself" ranges were created with professional quality anda price which is highly welcome by the final consumer.
The whole exclusively "MADE IN ITALY" productive cycle boasts the "UNIPRO reliability programme" and is entirely manufactured within our laboratories for a better control on the high quality of the product. Arco Cosmetici o?ers an optimum price/quality ratio, thanks to the most advanced production technologies.